Bendum Community

Diary of Typhoon Pablo in Bendum (2012)

Kay Pitman and Pedro Walpole On November 23rd 2012, a moderate atmospheric circulation developed over Marshall Island, part of the Micronesian Island chain in the Northern Pacific region over 5,000 km to the east of the Philippines. By 9.00 pm…
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Micro-hydro Power Facility in Bendum (2010)

Dam construction With assistance from Jesuitenmission and Jesuit Mission Australia, ESSC developed this year a micro-hydro power (MHP) generator to provide electricity for the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC) school and other facilities of the Pulangiyen, a mountain indigenous…
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Learning Sustainable Life Workshops (2010)

Learning Sustainable Life book, published in July 2010 Peter Walpole, SJ and his team’s engagement with the Pulangiyen community in Bendum is one of accompanying the people in finding ways to live sustainably. Since 1992, initiatives were undertaken to address…
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Rains Return! (2010)

El Niño finally waned in May and the rain gently came from the hills at night and again during the days that followed as the inter-tropic cloud convergence coming off the equator started to give us the moonsoons long awaited….
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Assisting Forests: The Pulangiyen Approach in Bendum (2010)

By Lucy Linantad (Member, Bendum Livelihood Committee), Rufino Sagula (Member, Bendum Water Committee), Eric Bruno (ESSC Program Manager), and Pedro Walpole, SJ (APC and ESSC Executive Director) The youth clear bracken in the area The Pulangiyen community in Bendum is…
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