Bendum Community

NAPOCOR extends assistance to Bendum

By Arnel P. Santander Our deepest gratitude to National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) was expressed formally last December 18, 2014 during the APC family gathering. The NAPOCOR had been extending their maintenance services, technical support and sharing their resources for the…
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Realities in Kaamulan 2014

By Chiqui Aljas Kaamulan is an important celebration of the community that is held annually. Traditionally, during Kaamulan the datu speaks of the kalikat or ancestry of the Pulangiyen, wherein people learn of their own lineage in relation to each…
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Kaamulan 2012

Kay Pitman December is the time of year when the people of Bendum join among the clans and their extended families to talk about the year and their concerns and hopes during the annual cultural gathering, the Kaamulan. Elders, adults…
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