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Graduation and End-of-Year Report (2012)

Pedro Walpole Hanging out with the young graduates Today we celebrate the graduation of 11 children who have studied in the culture of the Pulangiyen and adjacent talugan (communities). They follow the tradition of APC – learning being for the…
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Pulangiyen Children are Back at School (2011)

A new school year is underway for APC beginning 6th June 2011, with 116 students enrolling across six grade levels and the two kinder levels in the main school in Bendum. Nearly 30 of these students come from neighboring communities…
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From Garbage to Garden (2011)

Ricky, one of APC’s dormers, fills the compost bed with organic materials. A group of elementary school children staying at the dormitory in Bendum are managing a series of vermicompost beds. Marzon Limbago, an OJT (On-the-job training) student from the…
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Zero Waste Management Initiatives in Bendum (2010)

APC dormers keep vegetable wastes for vermi-composting It’s not surprising the amount of waste that a household of thirty produces that has to be well organized.  With the arrival of new children each year, we have to go through the…
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