Bendum is located at the eastern part of the Upper Pulangi watershed in the northern part of the Pantaron Mountain Range. It is a village consisting of about 300 inhabitants, 80% of whom are indigenous.

In mid-1980, Bendum was officially recognized as a sitio and became part of the political jurisdiction of Barangay Busdi in Malabaybalay City. However, since the Pulangi River forms a natural barrier between Bendum and Barangay Busdi, the sitio developed a much closer association with Barangay St. Peter which is on the same side of the river as Bendum.

geographyGeographically, Bendum is situated north to the Agkumabay Mountain. East of Bendum is Pantadon, south is Saludinganun River, and west is Pulangi River. It is approximately 22 kilometers from Malaybalay City proper and can be reached via a thirty-minute motorcycle ride from St. Peter. Another route is via Barangay Busdi which is an hour hike through the hill trails across the Pulangi Canyon.

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