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Community: Community Feast Kaamulan 2012

(13 Feb 2013) The amul-amul daw paglalang (meeting of tribal elders) extended over two days. The community members of Bendum were led by Datu Nester and were joined by elders from other communities both near and far – from Busdi, Mahagay, Magawan and Ulyanon, half a day’s walk away.


Community: MenSitio Meeting for Peace and Disaster Preparedness (2012)

(13 Feb 2013) People from the community in Bendum met last December both in response to the impact of Typhoon Pablo on community infrastructure, and in preparation for the annual Kaamulan.


Diary of TCommunity: Typhoon Bopha/Pabloyphoon Pablo in Bendum (2012)

(13 Feb 2013) This is Fr. Pedro Walpole’s account of Typhoon Pablo as he experienced it, together with the Pulangiyen community in Sitio Bendum.



Facilities: Hydro turbine and generatorMicro-hydro Power Facility in Bendum (2010)

(22 Dec 2010) With assistance from Jesuitenmission and Jesuit Mission Australia , ESSC developed this year a micro-hydro power (MHP) generator to provide electricity for the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC) school and other facilities of the Pulangiyen, a mountain indigenous community in Bukidnon Province in Mindanao, Philippines.


lslLearning Sustainable Life Workshops (2010)

(13 Dec 2010) The various efforts with the Bendum community were documented in the book “Learning Sustainable Life: The Bukidnon Pulangiyen Community Experience of Integrating Mother Tongue Education for Sustainable Development,” launched last July 2010.  Workshops were held to discuss the book’s contents with various sectors of the community to check the validity of the information and the story presented in the book.


Bendum: FernsRains Return! (2010)

(20 July 2010) El Niño finally waned in May and the rain gently came from the hills at night and again during the days that followed.  Overnight, everything turned fresh green and you could smell the growth.


Kids: Gathering seedsBendum Youth Regenerate Forest (2009)

(18 Nov 2009) A Pulangiyen youth group called Kabatan-on Lumadnong Pulangiyen (KLP) is regenerating 12 hectares of previously cleared forest areas in Bendum, by gathering lauan seeds from mother trees in the puwalas (maturing forest) and transplanting local tree species.


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