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Drawn by community members, the logo shows the mountains and trees surrounding the village of Bendum – the ancestral domain of the Pulangiyen.


Kids: In full Pulangiyen costume oldOur Vision and Mission

APC envisions indigenous communities who are empowered to learn and live as indigenous peoples, exercising self-determination over the management of their domain, and asserting their cultural integrity in society so that external influences are directed in support of their way of life.


Community: Old school houseHistory of the Education Program

In the late 1980s, the nearest public school to Bendum was three hours away on foot: a walk too long and dangerous for school children. The community willingly contributed their resources towards the establishment of an education program. They built a classroom in the hopes that government would send them a teacher. At that time, basic services in the community were limited and there seemed to be no potential for government support.


Community: Community mapping oldOther Early Engagements in Bendum

Resource Mapping was conducted in Bendum in 1992.  The purpose of community maps was to enable the community to articulate their own perceptions of their situation, of their environment, and to tell their own story.


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Teachers: Summer Workshop 2014 (meeting)Our People: Board of Trustees and Staff





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