Our Story

Renewing ecological life and mission

JCAP Reconciliation with Creation team Beginning with gratitude and reflecting on the letter of Father General Adolfo Nicolás in preparation for the 36th General Congregation, the Reconciling with Creation Reflection workshop recently held at the Culture and Ecology Center in…
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Assisting Forests: The Pulangiyen Approach in Bendum (2010)

By Lucy Linantad (Member, Bendum Livelihood Committee), Rufino Sagula (Member, Bendum Water Committee), Eric Bruno (ESSC Program Manager), and Pedro Walpole, SJ (APC and ESSC Executive Director) The youth clear bracken in the area The Pulangiyen community in Bendum is…
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School recognition

The Cultural Education Program rose to the challenge of the community by developing a formal school structure with a defined program of education and learning system. Through this program, the children were able to learn the basics of reading, writing…
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The background of APC

Through the assistance of ESSC, the Cultural Empowerment Center (CEC) was set-up in Bendum in 1993. CEC’s main objective was to provide a venue for child literacy and adult education, community livelihood activities, health program, resource mapping, community management training…
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Our Vision and Mission

The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC) was legally established in 2004 and in the same year gained recognition from the Department of Education. APC is registered as a non-profit educational institution with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Through discussions…
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