Sitio Bendum

NAPOCOR extends assistance to Bendum

By Arnel P. Santander Our deepest gratitude to National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) was expressed formally last December 18, 2014 during the APC family gathering. The NAPOCOR had been extending their maintenance services, technical support and sharing their resources for the…
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Community Profile

Language The local dialect of the Pulangiyen is Binukid, which is widely spoken in Bendum to this day. The Visayan migrants have learned to speak the language while the Pulangiyen, in turn, have accepted the Visayan dialect as their second…
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Securing a Portion of the Ancestral Domain (2005)

Tribal leaders map the community’s rivers and streams Why did the Bendum community opt to have a separate ancestral domain claim? Do they have the legitimacy to claim an ancestral domain? These are some of the many questions that hounded…
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Bendum is located at the eastern part of the Upper Pulangi watershed in the northern part of the Pantaron Mountain Range. It is a village of about 300 people, 80% of whom are indigenous. In the mid-1980s, Bendum was officially…
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