The People of Bendum

Assisting Forests: The Pulangiyen Approach in Bendum (2010)

By Lucy Linantad (Member, Bendum Livelihood Committee), Rufino Sagula (Member, Bendum Water Committee), Eric Bruno (ESSC Program Manager), and Pedro Walpole, SJ (APC and ESSC Executive Director) The youth clear bracken in the area The Pulangiyen community in Bendum is…
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Pulangiyen Culture

The Bukid’non-Pulangiyen is governed by a set of customs and traditions handed down to the people through generations. These customary laws are based on principles of harmony with nature and the interconnectedness of people and the environment. Greatly interwoven in…
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Change Within a Strengthened Culture (2004)

A Conversation with Datu Nestor and Nay Bebe Menaling, 2004 Datu Nestor is the tribal chieftain of the Bendum Tribal Council. His wife, Nay Bebe, is active in the women’s livelihood committee. Translated by Eric Bruno.     What changes…
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