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APC Kalasungay: A Story that Inspires

Chiqui Aljas APC opened a new extension school in Sitio Kalasungay, Brgy. Balagnan, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur in January 2014. Upon the appeal of Datu Man‐isyo, the tribal chieftain of Sitio Kalasungay, APC opened Kinder 1 up to Daweg A…
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Vision of an APC Graduate

APC aims to form graduates who: 1.  Have a healthy sense of self in relation with others 2.  Have learned how to take responsibility for their own learning 3.  Understand scientific methods and can critically relate these with their culture’s…
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APC Opens Extension Site in Sitio Nabag-o (2014)

A community meeting in Sitio Nabag-o, two hours away from Sitio Bendum, to discuss the need for village teachers Sitio Nabag-o, Barangay Busdi, Malaybalay City, is a village created a decade ago when the 16 families of Sitio Tagaytay, higher…
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Adagi Balay

Adagi Balay means ‘big house’ and this is the center for welcoming, blessing, appreciating, and sharing. The cultural concept of Adagi Balay is a place for important gatherings (amul-amul). The Tribal Council meet here to discuss important concerns affecting relationships….
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The Dalepaanen is a place for basic human needs and relations. This is where children from neighboring villages and staff coming from downstream are housed, and many consider this facility a second home. The Dalepaanen embodies the cultural values of safety,…
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