Youth Exchange

Bentela daw Sayuda 2013

Maribel Porras The recent gathering of the different Indigenous Peoples around the world for the Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil last 19 June 19 2012 called for an active participation of empowered and self-determined Indigenous Peoples. In response…
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Reflecting on My Tapok Experience, by Didang Luardo (2012)

By Risajean Luardo Didang, third from right, with other Tapok participants Risajean “Didang” Luardo is a 17-year old Pulangiyen who attended the Annual Youth Gathering or Tapok Kabatan-onan last March 2012. The Tapok gathered Pulangiyen and Umajamnen youth along the…
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Pulangiyen Youth Visit Coastal Dapitan (2011)

George Asiniero of Dapitan explains to APC high school scholars the work of Dr. Jose Rizal in the town plaza, where the national hero constructed a topographically accurate three-dimensional map of Mindanao. The group then went on to visit many…
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