Pedro’s Opening Remarks at the Bendum Conference 2013

Kay Pitman What is discernment? It is achieving inner strength, greater conviction, courage and commitment to protect and foster those things each of us holds most valuable. It was with an expression of gratitude that Pedro Walpole, APC’s Director, opened…
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Feedback from the 2013 Conference Participants

Compiled by Kay Pitman Q. What has been your experience of the conference? “I’ve learned the importance of culture-based education. It’s my first time to encounter such a system and its also recognized by DepED. Culture presentation is really important….
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National Gathering on Indigenous Education (2013)

APC teacher Thelma Compade, APC high school scholar Arman Sagula, and Datu Nestor Menaling of Bendum attended a national gathering on Indigenous Education in Manila. In this event organized by the Department of  Education (DepEd) in Manila last October 18,…
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IPsEO’s Butch Rufino at the Bendum Conference 2013

“Indigenous peoples in education have been oppressed, discriminated against, their knowledge and systems of practice seen as inferior to a one-size fits all system of education which has sought to compartmentalize and separate learning from life.“ Addressing an audience of…
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