Nabawang Extension School: An Expression of Hope (2010)

The main school house in Sitio Nabawang

One of the great expressions of hope at the beginning of 2010 was the desire of Sitio Nabawang across the Pulangi to start Kinder and Grade 1 classes.

About 60 children have now finished their first term in Kinder 1, Kinder 2 and Grade 1.  The teachers come from the Nabawang community and one is a graduate of APC-Bendum who had just finished high school.

The busy classrooms and new activity in the village begin to raise other questions as to what the communities can do together.  We expect many of these children to continue learning in their language and culture and progress to higher levels in Bendum, so we need to be prepared to respond with the community.

A Grade 1 class in a newly-built classroom

A Grade 1 class in a newly-built classroom

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