Vision of an APC Graduate

Kids: Graduation pair in costumeAPC aims to form graduates who:

1.  Have a healthy sense of self in relation with others

2.  Have learned how to take responsibility for their own learning

3.  Understand scientific methods and can critically relate these with their culture’s beliefs and practices

4.  Know how to make a living from the land and sustain the natural resources in their domain

5.  Are grounded in their people’s cultural values, practices and identity, and contribute to sustaining the cultural vitality of their communities

6.  Can critically reflect on their people’s beliefs, practices and way of life, and strengthen these

7.  Can critically assess external influences that come their way and have the skill to respond

8.  Are engaged in addressing community concerns and issues affecting Indigenous Peoples

9.  Have the language and critical thinking skills needed to confidently and equitably relate and negotiate with outsiders and participate in wider society

10.  Can care for the land, water and natural resources in their domain, from an attitude of gratitude and respect for creation and Creator and an understanding of how their actions impact the earth globally.

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