NAPOCOR extends assistance to Bendum

By Arnel P. Santander

Our deepest gratitude to National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) was expressed formally last December 18, 2014 during the APC family gathering.

The NAPOCOR had been extending their maintenance services, technical support and sharing their resources for the rehabilitation of 15KvA micro-hydro generator in Bendum.

Through the facilitation of Power Sector and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM), we have received assistance from NAPOCOR. The NAPOCOR team was headed by Albert O. Antonio, OIC-Plant Manager for Pulangi IV Hyroelectric Plant in Camp I, Maramag, Bukidnon.

The support we received from the team were immeasurable. They left their area in Maramag at 5:00 in the morning and travelled for 5 hours. When working, they have to go back and forth down the hill where the powerhouse is located. They sometimes get caught in the rain while in the field. But all these did not stop them from serving the community.

The powerhouse located in the Ki-asu stream.

The powerhouse located in the Ki-asu stream.

They have done many works in Bendum – assessing the condition of the micro-hydro generator, and evaluating the quality of materials used by previous group of engineers and finally sorting out the erroneous set-up. NAPOCOR has been generous in teaching the youth who are willing to learn how to maintain a micro-hydro generator. They taught Jason Menaling and one of the staff on how turn on and off the system, read and balance the working voltage, frequency and hz.

Thanks to the NAPOCOR team, the centre has been having an uninterrupted power supply. The micro-hydro is essential to the centre, especially to the students. It provides electricity for the computer lab and the power tools used in carpentry classes. It lights up the night for the 37 scholars, assisted by 5 teachers, during their study period after dinner. The centre no longer uses kerosene lamps which lessens the risk of fire accidents. It also diverts the expenses of the centre from spending for the gasoline of the generator and focusing more on other needs of the students and the community.

Photo caption: Pedro Walpole awarding the Certificate of Appreciation to NAPOCOR OIC-Plant Manager Albert O. Antonio and his team.

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