The School

APC began as a literacy program in the 1990s and subsequently developed into a full-fledged K-12 school with the Department of Education that provides education for Pulangiyēn children and youth within the context of their culture and environment.

The school’s curriculum is comprised of Communication Skills (in Binukid, Filipino, and English), Mathematics, Science, Sa Batasan Day (Our Culture), and Sa Panginkauyagana (Our Livelihood). The surrounding culture and language of Bisaya is incorporated and several migrant children also study in the school.

Teaching in the mother tongue allows the parents be part of the child’s education and the Tribal Elders are also part of the educational program. Youth learn Filipino and English, mastering the communication skills so they can later join online professional courses of Jesuit Worldwide Learning.

There are over 300 students and staff of 26 to work with the culture and diversity needs. On average, 50 to 100 students stay in the dalēpaan or cultural household on the campus, which provides a deeper learning of the cultural practices. There are two breaks within the school year to take into consideration the farming cycle, enabling the students to help their families during times of harvest and planting.

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