Our Vision and Mission

The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC) was legally established in 2004 and in the same year gained recognition from the Department of Education. APC is registered as a non-profit educational institution with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Through discussions with the tribal council and their committee on education, APC’s vision, mission, philosophy and goals were crafted. The work started in 1992 under Environmental Science for Social Change and continues as a Jesuit Institute committed to right relations to the land.


APC envisions indigenous communities who are empowered to learn and live as indigenous peoples, exercising self-determination over the management of their domain, and asserting their cultural integrity in society so that external influences are directed in support of their way of life.


APC seeks to provide an integrated and holistic education for the indigenous children and youth along the Pantaron Range.  We aim to promote and deepen cultural understanding while providing indigenous children with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently relate with mainstream Philippine society, advance in the formal education ladder, and engage with the technological advancement of the global community while gaining greater objectivity of our culture.


  • To provide basic cultural education that serves as the foundation for the life-long learning of Pulangiyen children and youth
  • To guide the students through various learning experiences in the context of their community life thus facilitating their holistic development as individuals capable of managing the community’s resources, sustaining their livelihood, governing the community as an indigenous people, and engaging with broader society.

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