Bendum hosts UPeace-ALPS students (2010)

On 30 May to 5 June, Pedro, with Rowena and Dallay, facilitated a field-based learning visit for Asian students of the UN-mandated University for Peace-Asia Leaders Programme (ALP) in Bendum.

The one-week learning and interaction with the community formed part of their 3-week course on Environmental Security, Sustainable Development and Peace. The learning visit in Bendum was designed to provide a venue for the students to interact with a marginal community facing environmental security concerns, negotiating their sense of development, and striving for peace, as they took note of their previous courses and personal experiences.

As a final activity not only for the course but the entire programme, the ALP coordinator found the fieldwork a fitting culmination of the course. The students got to interact with the leaders, woman and youth in Bendum, as well as with the teachers and scholars of APC who had already arrived for the school opening.

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