Plastic wastes in APC reduced

When classes started in May 2018, plastic waste littered some areas of the APC school campuses 1 and 2 in Bendum.

At the end of the first quarter, a remarkable reduction in the volume of plastic waste was observed. In the elementary school alone, litter monitoring revealed that plastic garbage was reduced by up to 25 kg in a few weeks.

How was this made possible?

Formative teachers teach about the value of taking care of the environment while Science teachers explain the damage of plastic to people and the environment. Particularly moving for the students were videos of fishes and birds killed by plastic ingestion. Seeing the photos of the giant plastic gyre in the ocean in the videos educated them on the ecological problem the world is facing. A video on the plastic waste problem in Metro Manila, specifically in the rivers and estuaries, was also shown to students and their parents as a graphic example of what must not happen in Bendum.

APC students on their way to school, picking up plastic trash along the way

Students are regularly reminded to keep their trash in their bags or pockets if there are no garbage bins around, and to dispose later in proper garbage bins.

Parents were also shown videos onthe consequences of plastic waste, as they are also active participants in APC’s efforts to reduce plastic waste. The school also asked for the participation of the community stores selling plastic-wrapped food and encouraged the use of paper or banana leaves to wrap food products.

Plans are underway for a community-wide campaign related to plastic waste reduction and proper garbage segregation and disposal.

The goal is to make the whole community aware of the plastic problem and develop local solutions to achieve zero-plastic waste and proper garbage segregation and disposal in the APC school and in the Bendum community.

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