BALAY LAUDATO SI’: Living Laudato Si’ in the Heart of Mindanao

Along the Pulangi River from its source to its estuary are numerous indigenous cultures. In the headwaters still forested are the Pulangiyēn who have lived humbly on the land received from their ancestors, received from the Creator. Fifteen years ago in working with local communities, the Learning Sustainable Living text (LSL) was written explaining the cultural relationship with education, with the land, and how, in order to move forward, traditions that evolve in response to needs are most critical.
Today in the broader community, APC seeks an understanding of the world we are preparing our youth to enter while being in the margins. We are met with a complex history of an externally developing economy while social and economic exclusion remains. What is to come of people’s identity and belonging? We have listened to the words of Laudato Si’ (2015) and feel it speaking to us of the culture and generational need as we care for the land and life. We have built a house – Balay Laudato Si’ – where we welcome everyone to come and share their culture, hopes, and experiences in reflecting on Laudato Si’.
With this, we are happy to share the 2019 Activity Report of Balay Laudato Si’ that can be accessed here.

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