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Fr. Madz Tumbali calls the Jesuit Community to gather for lunch during their recent stay at Balay Laudato Si’ in Bendum.

Pedro Walpole SJ

Visitors from neighboring activities, past involvements, and with adventurous interests always bring a good attitude, new ideas, and a renewed joy in life. We have had many visitors this first half of 2022, people who accompany us in their prayers, thoughts, and actions over the years and continue to contribute insights as to how we might work better with what we have and how to engage others with hope.

The visit of my community in the Jesuit Retreat House in Malaybalay was an occasion to enjoy a few days in Balay Laudato Si’ which is also known as the “Jesuit Residence.”

Fr. Mateo “Mat” Sanchez (seated, fourth from left) accompanied Pedro for 40 years, being his novice master in 1981 in Novaliches. It was deeply rewarding to welcome him and the other Jesuits in Bukidnon and reflect on the years past from Campo Uno Farm where he practiced his agriculture to the challenges faced by the youth of tomorrow.
JRS Asia Pacific team with Regional Director Louie Bacomo (rightmost) visits the Upper Pulangi forest

The team of Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS)-Asia Pacific reviewed the forest regeneration work of the last year and wanted to see how further training with others might be possible. JRS-Asia Pacific Regional Director Louie Bacomo also served in Bendum in the early 2000s at the log deck of Campus 1.

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service (DRRMS) team from the Department of Education (DepEd) visits the APC Bamboo Processing and Fabrication Center.

Roni Co, Director of DepEd’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service and also a previous staff of ESSC and wife of Louie Bacomo, came on a separate visit with her DRRMS team to review the bamboo center for treatment storage, processing and fabrication of the bamboo frames.

Some of the DRRMS team got some time to enjoy the fresh air and play music in the loft.

We have also had several departures, people who have given themselves in the best way they can and created occasions for partnership in learning and life.

Miguel Ignacio spent a year working with the Global English Language program of Jesuit Worldwide Learning, enabling the teachers and students to improve their use of the language; and to research more widely while also finishing some professional courses. His work continues as with Zam Bactong, Albert Cudal, Raymond de Peralta, and Gel Malibunas, who sought to open up the communications activities, the networking and synodality reflections, and the accompaniment of 90 youth who seek to finish their Grade 6 or Grade 10 under the Alternative Learning System of DepEd. We are grateful for the seeds you all have sown.

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