Learning to make all-natural soaps and balms

Liza San Mateo

Denise Celdran, an expert in alternative and complementary healing arts and science, led a series of workshops in Bendum on soap-making, balm-making, and homeopathy from 19 to 21 May 2022.

Twenty-three Bendum community members (22 women and one man) learned to make organic soaps and balms using all-natural ingredients during the first two days. At the end of each workshop session, participants proudly took home the soaps and balms they made.

On the third and final day, a basic homeopathy class was held with 27 community members (22 women and five men). Three community healthcare providers also joined the class.

Participants in the class learned about homeopathy and homeopathic remedies. Following this introduction, Denise held a one-on-one consultation with each participant, during which they described their ailments and the medications they need. Denise listened to various health concerns ranging from hearing loss to diabetes, urinary tract infections, arthritis, gastritis, and even dull hair. Homeopathic medicines for the participants were then prepared with the help of the healthcare providers.

Denise brought 250 undiluted doses of animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic substances to make homeopathic remedies for a variety of ailments. These substances, with a master list of which ailments they treat, were given to the Bendum community.

It was a huge success, with participants showing a lot of enthusiasm for another round of training activities in soap-making, balm-making, and homeopathy. Denise happily obliged, sharing that she would like to return in August for more advanced training workshops.

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