A haven for learning and growth in Bendum: APC opens a crèche

Alma Lumista

With a team of dedicated caregivers, APC opened a crèche that promises to be a safe, nurturing, and stimulating haven for young children in the Bendum community to learn and grow.

A crèche is vital in the development of a child as it provides opportunities to learn and engage in various activities at a young age. Equally important is the proper nutrition to support the children’s growth and development. As caregivers, we encourage children to eat vegetables and avoid junk food while instilling the values of self-discipline and personal hygiene. These healthy habits will lay a strong foundation for their overall well-being.

On 17 February, registration of the young children began as well as the parents’ orientation led by Arnel and Manuela Santander. A total of 43 students aged six months to four years attended the first day of classes on 20 February. There were 14 children aged two to four years old, and 29 children aged six months and one year.

Adjusting to their new environment in the recently-opened crèche was a challenge for the young children at the start but they quickly adapted to playtime. The children had a wonderful time exploring the variety of toys and through the different activities at the crèche, it is hoped that the crèche experience can help the children develop their creativity and other skills essential to learning.

By the third week, there were significant changes observed in the children as they became more confident in socializing with the other children and eager to participate in activities and interact with others. The older children also became more conscious of hygiene practices and routinely washed their hands before and after eating. Most of the children started to enjoy eating vegetables and this was a great accomplishment!

Parents were comfortable to leave their children under the care of the Hulas team, acknowledging the APC crèche as a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

Joining hands with Hulas in managing the APC crèche

Hulas is a youth development program in APC that provides training and leadership formation for the youth. Participants in Hulas are young adults who are not in school, and the program allows them to build skills and capacities as they seek better opportunities for their lives and livelihoods.

The APC crèche benefits from a team of 10 dedicated Hulas members who provide valuable assistance in caring for the children. We discuss strategies in handling and assisting the children at every meeting. The Hulas members also learn how to raise their own children because these youth married at a young age. As the manager of the APC crèche, I assign them specific tasks to maintain an organized and efficient environment while providing the children with loving care.

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