APC 2024 Graduation Day: A celebration of commitment

Graduation is a celebration of the students’ commitment and 26 March 2024 was an inspiring day at the APC school.

Students from indigenous communities in Upper Pulangi were joined by their parents, some of whom walked for hours to be able to attend graduation day in Bendum. Parents felt honored as they marched up the stage and took a bow, having worked hard amid the difficult challenges throughout the school year.

The teachers, along with community members, also joined the APC school graduation ceremonies, as well as four officials from the Department of Education (DepED)-Division of Malaybalay City; Ms Cherry Mae Limbaco-Reyes, Schools Division Superintendent; Ms Mary Gladys Dublas, Private School Coordinator; Ms Perlita Borgonos and Ms Jovy Molina, both Public Schools District Supervisors.

There were messages to the graduates and to the APC community from Datu Nestor Menaling, Chief of the Bendum Tribal Council and APC School Principal Person, and from Mrs Evelyn Clavano, member of the APC Board of Trustees and long-time supporter of APC.

Datu Menaling enjoined the community to keep going so that the Pulangiyēn culture and heritage grow stronger to guide the youth and future generations. He urged parents to actively participate in nurturing the younger generation and expressed gratitude for their children’s blessings and for the bounty of the land. His message emphasized that culture, passed down by ancestors, must not just survive but thrive, and strengthen the Pulangiyēn people to face the challenges. Below is an excerpt from the message of Datu Menaling:

“Our ancestors valued our culture, and it is important for us Pulangiyēn people to hold it in high regard. Graduation is a special time to make our culture stronger and show strong thankfulness so it can carry on to the next generation, who will also cherish and respect it…we are thankful to Apu Palamguwan and Apu Palagsulat for guiding and supporting us from the very beginning. Most importantly, we bless Mitanghaga (Creator) and the APC, who show us the way to sustain our culture, that also includes our integral relationship with our kalasan and our wahig. Let us always stay determined and thankful, and let us keep honoring our gaup so we can ensure that the young generation and more to come can still live with kalandang and harmony.”

Mrs Evelyn Clavano’s message was one of appreciation and encouragement of the achievements of the APC students. She shared her journey in experiencing feelings of uncertainty after finishing school but finding the courage to pursue a livelihood and be productive. She encouraged the graduates to stay true to themselves, embrace responsibility, and shape their own success.

With her message, she imparted a sense of courage and empowerment, reminding the students that the future lies within their hands and that they must take responsibility for the future with grace. She urged the graduates to apply these lessons in their lives, remembering values alongside technological advancements.

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