Sitio Meeting for Peace and Disaster Preparedness (2012)

Kay Pitman

People from the community in Bendum met last December both in response to the impact of Typhoon Pablo on community infrastructure and in preparation for the annual Kaamulan.

The meeting started with the community’s agenda for peace. Talks affirmed the community’s commitment to peace, stating the wish of the people not to accept armed groups within the area of Bendum and its gaup, its recognized area of ancestral domain.

Discussions concerning Typhoon Pablo highlighted the positive action taken to clear the road of debris and fallen trees, the pahina (community volunteer work) to open a narrow motorbike path over the landslide at Busay, and the contribution of rice, medicines, roofing and clothing.

Conversations highlighted the need for better systems of warning and preparation within the community, to communicate and respond to signals, gather vital resources, and evacuate houses. Agreement was also achieved about what action is still needed to respond to the damage in the aftermath of the typhoon.

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