Caring for a young forest, cultivating a lifelong commitment in Nabawang

Young people from Sitio Nabawang, joined other youth from Sitio Bendum, gathered on 16 March 2024 for a youth workshop and to plant trees, a forest regeneration activity organized and coordinated by the APC-Forest, Farm, and Leadership in the Margins (FFLM) team.

Arman “Amak” Sagula, a young leader from Nabawang, addressed the gathering and expressed gratitude for the community’s participation in the activity despite their work commitments and farm tasks.

Adnie Haguilay, a young forester from Bendum, outlined the objectives of the activity and the significance of planting seedlings. He explained the critical role of forests in sustaining the community’s water resources and sustainable ecosystems and stressed the importance of continuous maintenance and management of the planted tree seedlings.

Participants gathered compost and prepared the planting sites in Block 3, where seedlings of pillar tree species – dangēlēg, balakbakan, bitaug, kaliyaan, and ubanan – were planted. Other tree species – aguu, salunganan, banglas, tawin-tawin, and salumayag – were also planted in Block 5.

After planting, the participants discussed their experience and the broader significance of regenerating the forest in their community. They also affirmed their commitment to engage and collaborate within Nabawang and with neighboring communities in protecting their ancestral domain and nurturing the planted trees.

The Nabawang youth participation and interest in the forest regeneration activity reflected a shared commitment and willingness to collectively work in caring for the young forest in their community and its regeneration.

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