Staff News (2012)

APC was delighted to welcome new staff to the school this quarter.  Bridgit Ann Cuevas began work as Curriculum Development Manager, and Kay Pitman returned to volunteer at the school.  We also recently welcomed back Zarmin Garcia who returned to APC to teach Science and take on the role of School Assistant.

The Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) also welcomed new staff who will be based in Bendum.  Edwardo Campus is taking over Production Management, and Marlon Makilan is managing the youth formation programs.

In Bendum this weekend, Marvin Limbago, one of ESSC’s Youth Assistants, and his wife Joy-joy were blessed by Fr. Pedro Walpole.  Staff and students gathered to sing and eat in celebration of their marriage.  We all wish them happiness in their future.

Kids: Blessing prayer costumeFr. Pedro Walpole celebrated the misa de gallo for Bendum staff and community, including APC high school girls welcoming all with a dugso. This is a prayer dance with intricate footwork that begins by drawing in the calm of the moment, and ends in a crescendo of sounds, intended to dispel any bad spirits.  Voices of the choir could be heard across the village, as all joined together to give thanks for life and forest and to reflect on the value of peace.

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