The Legend of Apu Palamguwan

Culture: Apu PalamguwanApu Palamguwan is the mythical ancestor of the Bukidnon-Pulangiyen.  According to stories passed down through generations, Apu Palamguwan was gifted with the ability to see the future through visions in his dreams.

The Apu would gather his people and talk about his dreams in order to prepare the community for what was to come. But then, the Apu realized that he would not live forever and he feared that the visions would not be passed on to his descendants.

Down in the valley lived an old man named Apu Palagsulat, the mythical ancestor of the Dumagats or migrants from across the sea.  Apu Palagsulat had no gift of vision, but he possessed the gift that Apu Palamguwan did not have, the gift of letters. The two came together and decided that Apu Palagsulat would write down the dreams and visions of Apu Palamguwan.

So it came to pass that the descendants of Apu Palamguwan realized that they needed to learn how to read and write so that they may not always be dependent on Apu Palagsulat and his descendants.  The desire to write their own stories in their own language and the yearning for their children to read and learn about their Apu’s vision led them to educate their children.

The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center is thus founded on the desire of the Bukidnun-Pulangiyen to read, write and become educated in the context of their culture and life, along with all the people living in the Pantadon Range.

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