Catching Up with Bendum’s First Teacher (2013)

Amay Pedro with Rosalita Igan

APC recently caught up with Rosalita Igan, who served as Bendum’s first teacher back in 1992, when she was only 16 years old. Lit, as she is called, shared that at that time, their makeshift classroom had cogon grass roofing, but no walls. They had a small blackboard and students wrote on a bamboo table.

Lit’s students ranged from small kids to young adults. She taught them speaking and writing in the mother tongue. Some of her students then are now teachers at APC.

Lit considers her time in Bendum to be a growing experience. Having to teach other people helped her overcome her shyness and instilled in her a desire to help others.

Lit now works as a reflexologist at the Diocese of Malaybalay and is married with four children.

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