Students’ Dreams (2005)

Kids: Single writingSa panganduy ku ha makapunga a ku pagtungha daw makatuun a magbasa daw magsulat para maadagi sa matimu ku ha kursu.
(My dream is to finish my schooling, and to learn to read and write, so that I can go to higher education.)Elmer Aninayon, Daweg K

Ang aking pangarap ay maging maestra at makatapos ng pagaaral, o maging pulis, basta makatapos aking pagaaral, kung ano pa man ang kurso na matapos ko. Pero maestra ang gusto ko para maturo ako, sasama sa akin ang mga bata, at magiging maestra din ang tinuruan ko.
(My dream is to to become a teacher and finish my studies, or maybe
become a policewoman, any course, really, as long as I finish my college degree. But I really want to be a teacher, I want to work with kids, and the kids I teach will become teachers, too.)
– Marina Luranza, Daweg B

Kids: Single at the blackboardAng pangarap ko ay maging isang magsasaka. Gusto ko rin mag-aral ng mabuti para makuha ko ang aking pangarap. Gusto ko rin maging singer at driver.
(I dream of becoming a farmer. I also want to study hard so I can achieve my dreams. I also want to be a singer or a bus driver.)
– Jess Berdisola, Daweg D

Sa panganduy ku yan aira: Pasku, Pista, Klusing, iskwila, daw makagradwit a.
(Theses are my dreams: Christmas, fiesta, the Closing Program, study, and that I’ll be able to graduate.)
– Joseph Cabale, Daweg K

Ang aking pangarap ay maging doktor.
(My dream is to become a doctor.)
– Marjie Almahan, Daweg B.

Kids: Miko in focusSa panganduy ku egkabaya a agtungha para makatuen hu pagbasa daw makabulig a hu trabahu hu mga magnanau. Bisan ku hadi a pakabulig hu trabahu panganduy a daan makatuun hu pagsulat. Panganduy a daan ha makatuun a hu trabahu ta balay day daw malipay-lipay sa amay ku daw inay. Bisan ku madakel sa trabahu hu inay ku ba egbulig a daan. Panganduy a daan ha makabulig a hu mga magulang daw manghud ku bisan paukan ad agbulig gihapun.
(My dream is to study so that I learn to read and so that I can help teach here. Even if I can’t help with teaching, I still want to learn and write. I also want to learn all the kinds of work we do at home, which will please my parents. I can then help my mother, and even my other brothers and sisters.)
– Rowena Sagula, Daweg K

Ang aking pangarap as buhay ay makatapos ng pag-aaral at gumanada pa ang aking pamumuhay at maayos ang aking tirahan. At hindi ako mag-bisyo na makadaot sa akin.
(My dreams are to finish my studies, and to further improve my way of life and where I live. And I will not have vices that could ruin my life.)
– Ronel Compade, Daweg K

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