Feedback from the 2013 Conference Participants

Compiled by Kay Pitman

Q. What has been your experience of the conference?

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Indigenous educators in a discussion during the conference

“I’ve learned the importance of culture-based education. It’s my first time to encounter such a system and its also recognized by DepED. Culture presentation is really important. I admired how the ‘magnanau’ (teachers) serve the community and how committed they are to their profession.”

“I’ve learned a lot. It’s my first time to witness a contextualised approach [in education] especially with the Pulangiyen tribe in Mindanao. I really appreciate the labour to make the conference possible and I look forward to more conferences like this.”

“This experience has been new for me. It deepened my knowledge on the life of Indigenous Peoples and their role in our society.“

“Even when we were still on the road going to Bendum, we could really tell that the experience would compensate for the journey, and would help to awaken us. My experience here at APC really proved that we should give attention to Indigenous Peoples. This realization has awakened us and helped us develop our understanding. I appreciate the many things we heard and saw in the conference, especially the hopes and strategies of the different organizations. There is really a lot of learning we can use when we go back to our organization.”

Q. How has your experience here affected the way you understand your work?

“It has very much affected how I see my work in developing curriculum, handling our young children, and giving information to our students who are not Lumad —that there are Filipino children like them that live in the far land, mountains and the rivers who strive to achieve and pursue their studies.“

“My experience led me into the idea that I can do more with my work than the things we are currently working on. It made me think of what ways our office can do to respond to the needs of indigenous communities.”

“I`m humbled by the people and the spirit of service within me is revived.”

Q. Suggestions for improvement?

“Further trainings and seminars for people from the Lumad community so that the culture is preserved”.

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