Six Souls Run for Pulangiyen Scholars (2012)

Daryl, far right, with her friends

To raise some funds for students at the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC), Daryl Dano and five of her childhood friends joined the Quezon City International Marathon 2012 last 2 December.

Daryl was one of the 30 students from Asia that visited Bendum in 2010 as part of their course in natural resource management and conflict leading to a master’s degree at the University for Peace.

In Daryl’s email invitation for support, she shared that “a cup of Starbucks coffee is more than a day’s subsistence for one Pulangiyen child in school (monthly maintenance: $40/child/month including food, school supplies, and other needs) and one can give up a cup for only a day, perhaps, for this cause” and that “their parents, who barely make $2/day, still contribute to their schooling with four cups of rice and a $4 yearly tuition.”

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