Board of Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees:

Roberto Ansaldo: Chairman
Amor De Torres: Vice-Chair
Evelyn Clavano: Secretary and Treasurer
Peter Walpole, SJ: Executive Director
Josenilo Labra, SJ
Mateo Sanchez, SJ
Francisco Parilla, SJ


Mitchiko Aljas
Thelma Compade


Nerlyn Balio
Edwardo Campos
Rey Cantago
Shirley Felistan
Maura Lipanda
Christina Lucio
Alma Lumista
Jundrey Luranza
Christina Lucio
Gina Pabiana
Mercy Pakiwag
Cecil Pinto-an
Armand Sagula
Lorely Secuya
Sarina Temario
James Timbangan

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