Board of Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees:

Roberto Ansaldo: Chairman
Amor de Torres: Vice-Chair
Evelyn Clavano: Secretary and Treasurer
Pedro Walpole SJ: Executive Director
Ambrosio Flores SJ
Gabriel Jose Gonzalez SJ

Community Representatives:

Jason Menaling
Mercy Pakiwag


Datu Nestor Menaling – Principal Person

School Management:

Risajean Berdesola – Acting School Manager (on training)
Jenny Lynn Lee – Supervising School Manager
Mercy Pakiwag – Head of Teacher and Student Formation-Deputy School Manager
Maura Lipanda – Head of Cultural Integration and Community Engagement-Deputy School Manager
Academic Coordinator – TBH

Community Education Teachers and Community Education Volunteers:

APC-Bendum (main campus)

Jessie Berdesola
Beverly Besana
Corazon Cabale
Anelyn Cantago
Jessel Enero
Gemelie Habunan
Melizel Liaban
Maura Lipanda
Mercy Pakiwag
Delia Perocho
Lorely Secuya
Sarina Temario
Margie Tilucan

APC connecting school in Mindagulus

Analisa Namansulay
Honeybee Nanlabe
Cecil Pinto-an

APC connecting school in Nabawang

Maries Ampildon
Meralyn Balorio
Thelma Compade
Christina Lucio

APC connecting school in Nabag-o

Jonalyn Bajao
Judy Ann Linantad
Cheryl Sawinhay

APC connecting school in Kalasungay

Charlyn Lipanda (on studies)
Marissa Lumaña (on studies)


Jocelyn Dolar – Local Enterprise Officer
Ariel Haguilay – Senior Forest Management Assistant
Elizer Menaling – Junior Farm Manager
Jason Menaling – Forest and Culture Coordinator
Arman Sagula – Forest Youth Team Leader


Karen Ampildon – Project Assistant for Balay Laudato Si’ and Dalēpaan Youth Activities
Allan Berongoy – Area Manager/Youth Training Coordinator for Construction
Joel Dewangan – Project Assistant
Grace Limbago – Kitchen and Visitor Accommodation Coordinator
Alvin Jun Perez – Campus 2 Construction Junior Supervisor
Jonry Pinto-an – Campus 2 Facilities Supervisor
Llaneza Ramos – Administrative and Finance Associate

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