Environmental Training for the Youth (2014)

Pedro Walpole

Earlier this year, we built an off-shoot of the school in the form of a barn and accommodation for overseeing crops planted by APC students. This is located near the vegetable gardens, half a mile up the road from the village.

The area is becoming a forest management camp manned by the youth. While the garden is tended, the nearby forest is being protected, and the stream banks replanted to better sustain the water flow.


A big tree in the area fell during the last storm, but this is a good place to watch the stars from at night. The ploughed field is our source of sweet potato for about 3 weeks.

There is a little seedling nursery for trees on the right and far right is the new carpentry work room for a course we are starting later this year.


There is a forest by the Pangamu River that we want to protect and use as an environmental training area for the local youth and the University for Peace studentswho come every summer.

These efforts are geared towards developing a more sustainable training program for the youth as they graduate from school and exploring environmental services fees that might sustain the youth involvement.

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