Exchange Visit and Visitors Program

Recognizing that respect for indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices contributes to sustainable and equitable development and proper management of environment

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, page 2.


Exchange Visit Program

APC had been exchanging visits with various communities – moslem communities, other indigenous communities and urban communities – through the program Bentela daw Sayuda (Visit and Learn). This program seeks to celebrate and share different cultural practices, forging links to other groups and communities. This program brings a first-hand experience to our youth and volunteer educators on learning and understanding various efforts and responses to the challenges faced by marginalized groups in Mindanao. APC also aims to share works of sustainable development where economic progress involves social inclusion and environmental sustainability.


Visitors Program

For years, APC have been hosting individuals and groups who seek to experience, understand and learn the indigenous people’s way of life. The Bukid’non – Pulangiyen’s customs, traditions and religious beliefs are interwoven with their relationship with nature. This harmonious relationship with nature invites us to reflect on our own lifestyle, our impact on the environment and how we shape humanity’s collective future.


If you wish to visit APC or invite APC to your community, please contact us.

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