The Synodal Journey of the Pulangiyēn Youth (2022) - The booklet is a simple celebration of the journey of the indigenous Pulangiyēn youth in Bendum, Bukidnon, Philippines at Balay Laudato Si’, a culture and ecology center in the heart of Mindanao, Philippines, as they shared their dreams and gathered to act together through three activities: art activities that depicted how they would give life to the Laudato Si’ Goals, discovering hope, love, and faith that form them in life along with personal trials and hardships, and reflections on their cultural context that lead to self-awareness and action.

Indigenous Peoples and Laudato Si' (2019)

This document is the Pulangiyen's reflection on the message of Laudato Si' in the context of their community.

The Pulangiyēn edition can be accessed here.



Culture and Integrity from the Ground: Workbook (2019) - Seeking a deeper insight into cultural integrity, relating to basic dignity, indigenous knowledge, and practices of sustainable land use management. This workbook is a collection of inputs from speakers during the 2019 Culture and Integrity from the Ground Forum on the occasion of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. (DOWNLOAD)

Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center: Advancing Education in the Margins (2019) 

For the Pulangiyen community, their gaup refers both to the community and the land, and it is the gaup that is the context of learning. Its effective self-management is the goal in education, along with the relations that sustain the management. Living in the broader margins of society, the Pulangiyen community offers a cultural learning program that emerges from their way of life and the need for greater sustainability and opportunity. The APC culture-based education offers three main programs and three international collaborative programs explained in this brochure. (read in: Spanish | French)

apc_deped_pubAPC Monograph (2012)

More than just a document of a case study or a project, this publication wishes to share the experience of duma, of accompanying the Pulangiyen as they seek a way forward for themselves and for their children.


apc_launchingLearning Sustainable Life (2010)

This book tells the story of how the Pulangiyen community in Mindanao is working to save their culture and environment and how this local initiative is contributing to the growing Asian experience on multilingual education programs monitored by UNESCO in collaboration with our Department of Education.

ff_coverFOREST FACES: Hopes and Regrets in Philippine Forestry

Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC); Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO-UN); Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP)

This publication provides an evocative re-telling of personal experiences and reflections enabling better comprehension of the struggles, stories and tragedies associated with the changes and loss of Philippine forest.

dumaDUMA: A Decade of Engagement in Bendum (2004)

A chronicle of ESSC involvement in Sitio Bendum, from 1992 to 2004.



magkinanaukuyMagkinanau Kuy: Pagbasa daw sa Pagsulat (1998)

This is a series of textbooks published in 1998 for the students of the then Cultural Education Program in Bendum. Magkinanau Kuy: Pagsulat daw Pagbasa means "Let Us Learn: Reading and Writing."


tuen_huTUÉN HU UYAG: Strengthening education and life skills of indigenous youth

Tuén hu Uyag, or learning and living, is a program for indigenous youth in the Upper Pulangi, aged 15 to 29 who may or may not have finished basic schooling but are interested in learning with others a range of technical and social skills.





In the uplands of Bukidnon, the youth holds the hope for many indigenous communities. They are the next generation leaders and teachers, next in line in using indigenous knowledge and keeping indigenous values to sustain their culture as they engage with others locally, nationally and globally.





mastheadAABook on education among Bukidnon Pulangiyens launched

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/03 August) – The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center or APC launched a book on the Bukidnon Pulangiyen tribe titled “Learning Sustainable Life” in three cities recently.

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