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APC is inviting college students and professionals of any age and race to share their expertise and gift of self to the indigenous communities in Upper Pulangi, Northern Mindanao.

For those interested, you can send your CV and cover letter, addressed to Pedro Walpole, SJ, APC Executive Director, to esschr@essc.org.ph. We will contact you soon to discuss coming activities and programs.


  1. Rovie Bullina

    To whom it may concern,

    Good Day!

    My name is Rovie Bullina. I am from Davao City. I saw your post in Development Jobs Sector-Philippines Facebook Page. I would like to express my interest to offer my service as a volunteer.

    I am an English teacher for ten years now, and most of my students are from South Korea, Japan and China. I teach basic to advance grammar and have taken tests such as TOEFL and TOEIC.

    I do not have a bachelor’s degree yet, but my experience have equipped me with the necessity in helping my students succeed in their pursuits in life. Currently, I teach English via online, but I work as a freelance teacher. I also work as a volunteer writer and advocacy staff for an NGO based in Davao City.

    I like to travel, but my travels are mostly directed to volunteer work and to meet people such as the Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao, the IDPs from Marawi, and other sectors where I find my skills suitable.

    Should you accept my interest, please send me back an email. I will do my best in becoming a good part and contribution to goal. I believe what you are doing for the IPs is highly contributing for their self determination and protecting their culture.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hermecelia R Carskit


      I am Hermecelia R. CArskit , a college librarian of Central Mindanao University and is about to retire in two years time. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Education and proceeded to take Master Degree in Library Science. I am very much interested to volunteer or teach part time in your school.

      by the way I am also been named BAE UMPONGAN during my Dang ul ceremony last August 27, 2017 at Sinangguyan, Don Carlos, Bukidnon with officiating DATU INHUBAD AND MY DATUS/BAES withnesses.
      I am a higaonon/subanen by bloodline and part cebuano/boholano.

      I loved to teach share and be of service to the IPs . It is my dream to share my knowledge, expertise and passion to them to be able to bridge the disparity in all aspects of their lives.

      May this interest and commitment to serve the indigenous peoples merit your consideration.

      Thank you.

      1. Sylvia Miclat

        Please send your CV to esschr@essc.org.ph, thanks!

  2. Hermecelia R. Carskit

    Thank u and am sorry it takes me so long to respond it’s becoz of my work schedule.Anyway am still interested to be of service I’ll try to get in touch this coming week .Thank u


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