The People of Bendum

Community: Meeting of datus oldThe Bukidnon-Pulangiyen: A River People with a Troubled Past

The Bukidnon Pulangiyen is a group of Indigenous People whose documented ancestry in the area dates back to the early part of the 19th century. As a way of life and also due to occasional tribal wars, the people constantly moved up the mountains to seek better resources.


Community: Ritual oldPulangiyen Culture

The Bukid’non-Pulangiyen is governed by a set of customs and traditions handed down to the people through generations. These customary laws are based on principles of harmony with nature and the interconnectedness of people and environment.


Kids: Clearing brackenAssisting Forests: The Pulangiyen Approach in Bendum (2010)

(27 Apr 2010) The Pulangiyen community in Bendum is sustaining its forests back through a mixture of activities that relate to their basic needs for water and for livelihood. There are around 12 hectares under various forms of utilization that assist the natural regeneration of forests.


Community: Datu Nestor and wife oldChange Within a Strengthened Culture (2004)

(13 Mar 2004) A Conversation with Datu Nestor and Nay Bebe Menaling, by Eric Bruno



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