Publications and Film

apc_deped_pubAPC Monograph (2012)

More than just a document of a case study or a project, this publication wishes to share the experience of duma, of accompanying the Pulangiyen as they seek a way forward for themselves and for their children.



apc_launchingLearning Sustainable Life (2010)

This book tells the story of how the Pulangiyen community in Mindanao is working to save their culture and environment and how this local initiative is contributing to the growing Asian experience on multilingual education programs monitored by UNESCO in collaboration with our Department of Education.


dumaDUMA: A Decade of Engagement in Bendum (2004)

A chronicle of ESSC involvement in Sitio Bendum, from 1992 to 2004.




bridging_the_gapBridging the Gap: Hope for the Lumads (Video, 2003)

This was a documentary film produced by ESSC in cooperation with Jesuit Communications (JesCom).  This features interviews with several students of the center and the center’s history.



magkinanaukuyMagkinanau Kuy: Pagbasa daw sa Pagsulat (1998)

This is a series of textbooks published in 1998 for the students of the then Cultural Education Program in Bendum.  Magkinanau Kuy: Pagsulat daw Pagbasa  means “Let Us Learn: Reading and Writing.”



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