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Kids: Graduation pair in costumeVision of an APC Graduate

APC aims to form graduates who know how to make a living from the land, and sustain the natural resources in their domain; who are grounded in their people’s cultural values, practices and identity, and contribute to sustaining the cultural vitality of their communities.



Adagi BalayAdagi Balay

Adagi Balay means ‘big house.’  This is the center for welcoming, blessing, appreciating, and sharing. The cultural concept of Adagi Balay is a place for important gatherings (amul-amul). It is located within the forest and thus continuously connects with it through the use of space shared with the forest.



The Dalepaanen is a place for basic human needs and relations. This is where children from neighboring villages and staff coming from downstream are housed, and many consider this facility a second home.




edited2APC Kalasungay: A Story that Inspires

APC opened a new extension school in Sitio Kalasungay, Brgy. Balagnan, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur in January 2014. Upon the appeal of Datu Man‐isyo, the tribal chieftain of Sitio Kalasungay, APC opened Kinder 1 up to Daweg A (Grade 1).



2014-09-22 08.54.12APC Opens Three New Extension Schools

(28 December 2014) The APC continues to respond to the indigenous peoples’ appeal for a positive change through education. This year, the school opened three new extension schools in far‐reaching villages in the Upper Pulangi area of Bukidnon, Mindanao.



IMG_0149APC Opens Extension Site in Sitio Nabag-o (2014)

(6 Feb 2014) Sitio Nabag-o, Barangay Busdi, Malaybalay City is a village created a few years ago when the 16 families of Sitio Tagaytay, higher up in the Pantaron Range, decided to settle closer to the Pulangi River in order to avoid being caught in the crossfire of armed encounters between rebels and the military.


nabawang_schoolNabawang Extension School: An Expression of Hope (2010)

(19 Nov 2010) One of the great expressions of hope at the beginning of 2010 was the desire of Sitio Nabawang across the Pulangi to start Kinder and Grade 1 classes.



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