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Clipboard11Indigenous Youth Education Towards Sustainable Development

(5 November 2015) Gloria Amor Paredes, For the Pulangiyen people of Bendum in Bukidnon in northern Mindanao, Philippines, their land is their life. This is why their gaup or ancestral domain is at the core of all their efforts to sustain their indigenous way of life.


Youth: Bendum scholar giving a presentation

APC: Strengthening Cultural Identity and Environmental Care (2014)

(25 Mar 2014) Some APC graduates who are studying in the lowlands sometimes tell us, “When we are in the lowlands, we do not have identity. But when we’re up here in Bendum, we have identity. You have given us identity.”


Class: Kinder countingAPC Experiences in Mother Tongue-based Education (2012)

(21 Mar 2012) The Pulangiyen people’s indigenous grade school in this picturesque community in the middle of Mindanao’s heartland – Bukidnon – is now fast becoming a model in the push of using a people’s mother tongue as the language of instruction in a multilingual and culture-based education (MLE-CBE) toward sustainable development.


Youth: used in Forest FacesEight Points about Educating Indigenous Youth (2010)

(19 Jan 2011) In the course of my engagement with Pulangiyen youth, I have learned that to be an effective “teacher”, I have to accompany them in their dreams – to learn with them and be able to act with them in deciding like adults.




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