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APC Graduation 2014APC Graduation 2014

(31 May 2014) Last 11 April, APC held its Graduation Day, with four boys and four girls comprising its 10th batch of graduates.  Six of these young people are Pulangiyen, one is Bisaya and another is Adjawanen. Three of them lived in the dorm and all of them will proceed to high school.


Youth: High School scholars 2013Update on High School Scholars (2013)

(13 Oct 2013) We have 24 high school scholars studying down the valley from Bendum in Zamboanguita this year. Ten of them were honor students in the 1st Quarter, and a number have leadership positions in the student government.


Class: Grade 1 with Mercy 2013School and Dorm News (2013)

(25 Oct 2013) APC has a total of 185 students this year – 130 in Bendum and 55 in Nabawang. Aside from the Pulangiyen students, we have children coming from the Adjawanen and Maasamnen communities in Agusan del Sur.


Teachers: 1st Bendum TeacherCatching Up with Bendum’s First Teacher (2013)

(25 Oct 2013) APC recently caught up with Rosalita Igan, who served as Bendum’s first teacher back in 1992, when she was only 16 years old. Lit, as she is called, shared that at that time, their makeshift classroom had cogon grass roofing, but no walls.


Dr. Edilberto de Jesus congratulating a graduateFormer Education Secretary Joins APC Graduation (2013)

(7 May 2013) Former Education Secretary Dr. Edilberto de Jesus joins Datu Nestor Menaling and Pedro Walpole to celebrate the achievements of APC students.



Celebrations and sensitivities 1Celebrations and Sensitivities (2013)

(12 Mar 2013) It is now a month since we celebrated the end of the third grading period. Capping each grading period is a convocation ceremony where top students in each class are recognized for their achievement and extra- and co-curricular activities are held.


IMG_0179Graduation and End-of-Year Report (2012)

(13 Apr 2012) Today, we celebrate the graduation of eleven children who have studied in the culture of the Pulangiyen and adjacent talugan (communities).  They follow the tradition of APC – learning being for the good of the community and not simply for the individual.


from garbage to gardenFrom Garbage to Garden (2011)

(22 Feb 2011) A group of elementary school children staying at the dormitory in Bendum are managing a series of vermicompost beds, where earthworms convert vegetable wastes and other organic material into compost for gardening.


Class: OngoingPulangiyen Children are Back at School (2011)

(19 Sep 2011) A new school year is underway for Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center beginning 6th June 2011, with 116 students enrolling across six grade levels and the two kinder levels in the main school in Bendum.


aldaw_kalampusanGraduation Day 2011 – Celebrating Education for Community

(6 Jun 2011) When we started in Bendum, about 7% of the community had finished grade school. In a recent review, we found that 70% of the community have finished grade school.  This is a great achievement, with 30 students in high school and a number of the youth in college.


zero_wastemngtZero Waste Management Initiatives in Bendum (2010)

(19 Nov 2010) It’s not surprising the amount of waste that a household of thirty produces that has to be well organized.  With the arrival of new children each year, we have to go through the process anew.


children_return_schoolMore Children are Returning to School (2010)

(20 Jul 2010) The new school year begins with children appearing in the dugu (sunken floor) of the school with their parents in tow.



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