From the Students

Poems by Students (2005)

Ang Nanay Kong Iniibig, ni Marlyn Lumisod, Daweg D.

Ako Ay Isang Estudyante, ni Mary Jane Sagula, Daweg E

Walang Pamagat, ni Arlyn S. Lumihay, Daweg E


Students’ Dreams (2005)

Sa panganduy ku ha makapunga aku pagtungha daw makatuun ha magbasa daw magsulat para maadagi sa matimu ku ha kursu.
(My dream is to finish my schooling, and to learn to read and write, so that I can go to higher education.)


Students’ Experiences (2005)

(18 Mar 2005) Ang aking pag-aaral sa Bulonay ay hindi maganda dahil palagi lang ako humihinto sa pag-aaral dahil wala akong dalang pagkain.

(My studies in Bulonay were not consistent. I would always stop because we didn’t have any food for me to bring to school.)


Art Works (2005)

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