Understanding environmental reality through field visits: Hulas program participants visit government agencies in Malaybalay and Maramag

From August 15 to 17, 2016, the youth of Upper Pulangi under the Hulas program visited government agencies in Malaybalay and Maramag, Bukidnon. The field trip aims to provide a better understanding of the environmental reality in the province.


Hulas batch 14 completes skills training, youth formation courses

(October 2016) The two-month Hulas (training) program on carpentry, sewing, herbal making, and youth formation was concluded last July. Families of all the 19 participants who came from Barangay Sila-e, Mapulo, Nabawang, St. Peter, Miaray, and Sitio Bendum attended the closing program or aldaw hu kalampusan.


hulas Dec 2014Conclusion for the 4th Batch of Hulas 2014

(28 December 2014) BENDUM, Mindanao ‐ 20 youth from different indigenous communities in Upper Pulangi of Bukidnon and Agusan del Sur successfully completed the two months HULAS course on Carpentry, Masonry and Welding last December 6, 2014.


IMG_5556Tuén hu Uyag: Strengthening education and life skills of indigenous youth in Upper Pulangi, Mindanao, Philippines

This generation is currently faced with limited options for work, yet holds the greatest potential in ensuring levels of social and environmental sustainability, and cultural integrity of their ancestral domains. From these youth come the next cultural leaders, the teachers of the next generations; the keepers of indigenous values, knowledge, and practices.

Bendum: Forest 2014Environmental Training for the Youth (2014)

(31 May 2014) Earlier this year, we built an off-shoot of the school in the form of a barn and accommodation for overseeing crops planted by APC students.  The area is becoming a forest management camp manned by the youth.


Summer English Classes for the Youth - picture 1Summer English Classes for the Youth (2014)

(31 May 2014) English classes were conducted for the youth of Bendum from 22 April to 19 May this summer.  This was an activity under the Hulas Training Program of the Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC).


Photo1_Hulas youth discussing their artworkUsing Art for Learning and Expressing in Hulas (2012)

(17 May 2012) Teaching young adults who are not in school and who generally have lost interest in formal education due to many years of not studying is most challenging.  For the current Hulas batch that started last 27 March, visual arts expression was identified as most appropriate for training and teaching, and for the youth to learn and express themselves.


Photo1_Hulas participant with his welding projectHulas, An Occasion for “Welding” Youth and Parents in Upper Pulangi (2012)

(19 Mar 2012) The latest Hulas (training and formation program) activity undertaken in ESSC’s Bridging Leadership in Mindanao project provided opportunities for Pulangiyen youth to learn technical skills on sewing, masonry, carpentry, and welding.


galing_mason“Galing Mason” Awardee teaches Pulangiyen youth in Bendum (2011)

(19 Sep 2011) Julie Gallamaso is the masonry instructor for the Hulas training program of indigenous youth in Upper Pulangi. He is one of six TESDA1-certified masons in the whole of Bukidnon province.


Linkage: Pedro speaking at Bendum 2013 conferencePedro’s Remarks at the 3rd Hulas Graduation (2011)

(6 Jun 2011) Last May 28th, the third Hulas training batch had their graduation in Bendum. Pedro talked about how encouraging the youth “to bring forth their knowledge and learnings into their own personal vision and mission in life.”


Kids: Arman planting lawaanPlanting Lawaan Seedlings (2010)

(19 Nov 2010) Over five hundred seedlings have now moved out from the nursery over the last few months to the hillside where the rains sustain them.  We want to build a training program for the youth in the valley on how to sustain the forest and water for all.



Cultural rights_Conference Bentela daw Sayuda 2013

(18 Feb 2013) Bentela daw Sayuda (visiting and sharing) is a local initiative of both the ESSC and APC, and is aimed at indigenous youth and community volunteer educators as a forum for the sharing of ideas, activities and experiences of other indigenous youth in Mindanao.


socref_3July2012Reflecting on My Tapok Experience, by Didang Luardo  (2012)

(9 Jul 2012) Risajean “Didang” Luardo is a 17-year old Pulangiyen who attended the Annual Youth Gathering or Tapok Kabatan-onan last March 2012. The Tapok was Didang’s first experience of youth engagement among indigenous youth like herself. This is also the first time that she was asked to reflect and write about her thoughts.


Building Freedom from Fear in the Uplands through the Youth (2012)

(28 Mar 2012) As preparations for the annual gathering of indigenous youth or Tapok were underway last month, security issues intensified in a number of areas in Upper Pulangi, Bukidnon, where half of the youth participants live, and fear and insecurity among the communities grew.


coastal_dapitanPulangiyen Youth Visit Coastal Dapitan (2011)

(6 Jun 2011) For indigenous youth living in upland communities far away from urban centers, going on a “field trip” is a rare opportunity. The Pulangiyen youth’s visit to Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte, 200 kilometers away from their home in Bukidnon, was a rare learning experience that deepened their understanding of local science and Philippine history, and allowed them to engage with the indigenous Subanen youth of Dapitan.


bentel_daw_sayudaPulangiyen Youth Welcome Other Indigenous Youth to Bendum  (2011)

(22 Feb 2011) It is not often that the youth of Bendum are given an opportunity to meet and engage with their peers from outside of Bukidnon.  On 17-18 December 2010, however, Pulangiyen youth were given the rare chance to welcome guests of their age in their community.


youth_peace0026Upper Pulangi Youth Walk for Peace (2009)

(9 Jul 2009) A group of youth recently walked from an outer sitio (hamlet) down through a number of barangay (main village) to celebrate peace. What difference did it make?




Upeace-PMESSC course on natural resource management and human development with University for Peace students (2016) 
This year, ESSC continues this engagement by designing and teaching a three-unit course for students enrolled under the Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) program. This course is specifically designed to focus on resource management and human development and is led by Pedro Walpole and Mariel de Jesus.


Jason Menaling, a Pulangiyen youth leader, shows students how to plant bananasUniversity for Peace Students Engage with Bendum (2012)

(3 Aug 2012) ESSC facilitated a one-week learning visit in Bendum last April 2012 for 37 students from various Asian countries to provide an opportunity to engage with the Pulangiyen community and understand the political, socio-cultural, and economic context of natural resource management concerns and the community’s efforts at enhancing human development.


GroupPhotoBendum2Bendum Hosts UPeace-ALPS Students (2010)

(19 Jul 2010) On 30 May to 5 June, Pedro, with Rowena and Dallay, facilitated a field-based learning visit for Asian students of the UN-mandated University for Peace-Asia Leaders Programme in Bendum.

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