Indigenous Peoples

Phu-Tai IP group, Ban Phu village, ThailandNegotiating Cultural Rights and the Rights to Culture: Case Studies and Lessons from Thailand (2013)

(4 Jul 2013) The 1990s saw a growing demand in Thailand for communities to be included in decisions about the management of cultural and natural resources, culminating in the 1997 Constitution in which some of these rights were formalized.


551230-indigenousInternational Talks Give Special Focus to Indigenous Women and Youth (2013)

(4 Jul 2013) Approximately 2,300 indigenous participants gathered on the 20th of May this year for two weeks. This session’s discussions were concerned with culture, education and health, with a special focus on the youth and indigenous groups of Africa and the importance of strengthening ties with international finance institutions.


ancestral_domainAncestral Land Titling in Limbo (2012)

(12 Mar 2012) Last 25 January 2012, Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No 1 was signed, effectively relegating the ancestral domain titling process to a joint national committee composed of four government agencies responsible for issuing and registering land titles in the country.


ra_8371Excerpts from the Indigenous People's Rights Act of 1997 (RA 8371)

(20 Mar 2005) Section 2: "The State shall recognize and promote all the rights of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) ... to their ancestral domains to ensure their economic, social and cultural well being ... to preserve and develop their cultures, traditions and institutions.

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