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The background of APC

Through the assistance of ESSC, the Cultural Empowerment Center (CEC) was set-up in Bendum in 1993. CEC’s main objective was to provide a venue for child literacy and adult education, community livelihood activities, health program, resource mapping, community management training…
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The Legend of Apu Palamguwan Apu Palamguwan is the mythical ancestor of the Bukidnon-Pulangiyen. According to stories passed down through generations, Apu Palamguwan was gifted with the ability to see the future through visions in his dreams.   The Background…
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University for Peace Students Engage with Bendum (2012)

Dallay Annawi ESSC facilitated a one-week learning visit in Bendum last April 2012 for 37 students from various Asian countries to provide an opportunity to engage with the Pulangiyen community and understand the political, socio-cultural, and economic context of natural…
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