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Indigenous youth taking global to local climate action

What is local climate action? Indigenous youth of the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC) in Upper Pulangi, Southern Philippines are grappling with the language of COP27, the Conference of Parties convened by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change…
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Indigenous youth voices contribute to global climate action

During the Global Day of Climate Action, calls from young people, environmental groups, health workers, educational institutions, human rights groups, and other concerned sectors amplified the urgent need to listen to the voices of Indigenous Peoples in responding to the…
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Youth voice rising: a year of Pulangiyen youth leadership

Gloria Amor Paredes From the humble beginnings of APC as a basic literacy program for the Pulangiyen community towards an integrated school that offers K-12 basic education today, the acknowledgment that the youth are the future of the gaup (ancestral domain)…
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