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Nourishing Land and Relationships

The Forest Farm and Leadership in the Margins (FFLM) unit of APC works with Balay Laudato Sí in supporting the Youth Work Experience (YWE) program to provide alternative opportunities for vulnerable youth in Bendum, Philippines who lost their jobs due…
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Empowering women’s voices in the uplands

Shela Gamalo-Cabale, a young mother of three in an upland community in the Philippines, was often too shy to relate to other people. Because her emotions tend to get in the way of her speaking, she was used to not…
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Cultivating hope in community through youth training

Hope has become a scarce resource in several communities in the margins, a year after battling the Covid-19 pandemic and its impacts on daily lives and socio-economic welfare of many Filipinos. Millions who migrated to urban centers for work were…
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